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artisan centre, stony plain, copyright 2006
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artisan centre, stony plain, copyright 2006
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At the Flatt Gallery we are committed to offering the finest art available on the market today, crafted by artists inspired by a genuine love and appreciation for beauty. It is our purpose to faithfully house the uniquely original creations of our artists and to preserve that elusive quality of self-expression each artist has instilled in his work. We invite you to drop in and see for yourself the abundance of talent contained within our walls.


The Flatt Gallery is located in the Stony Plain Artisan Centre in the heart of downtown Stony Plain, Alberta. Stony Plain is an historical mecca of unique shops, galleries, restaurants and art communities, surrounded by its Painted Past.

In keeping with this theme, The Flatt Gallery has been developed to promote the incredible talent of artists in our community. It offers an assortment of high quality western, native and contemporary art. Styles and subject matter range from landscape to portraiture and from sporting art to Western scenes.

The Flatt Gallery displays originals and low numbered IRIS(r) Giclee Editions. With work from internationally known artists such as Graham Flatt, H.H. Cross, and Olivia as well as several of Alberta's best loved artists including Gregg Johnson, Dean McLeod, Randy Crick and others.

You are invited and encouraged to support your art community and come take a relaxing stroll through the gallery. You can view the many beautiful and unique pieces that may some day adorn and enhance your living space.

Please contact the gallery for more information. (780) 265-3110.

services gallery Events / Exhibitions link contact
artisan centre, stony plain, copyright 2006