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Show of Valor
by Stephen Herrero
Edition 550
Product Number MC-4048

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Throughout time the impact of the horse upon the progress and development of differing peoples and cultures has been so profound that virtual 'horse cultures' have evolved around the world. No other animal excites the imagination of man in quite the same way, conjuring images of proud and spirited stallions dancing, prancing in splendid pageantry across the stage of history. They carried the fearless mongrel hordes across the steppes of Russia, the valiant knights of England, and the nomadic Bedouins upon the fiery sands of Arabia. In 'Show of Valor' I imagined a Plains Indian warrior dressed in all his finery and riding his favorite war pony, parading back and forth, calling out, taunting his enemy, and showing his bravery.

"Show of Valor"

Product Number MC-4048

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