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Wild West (wall)
by Randall Reading
Edition 1,200
Product Number MC-7069

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October, 1519, Hernando Cortez brings a group of 17 horses ashore Vera Cruz, Mexico, finally returning the horse to the Americas! Equus Caballus, the modern horse, was finally home again in the land of its origin. Horses quickly became and integral part of the conquest of the Americas. From farmers to soldiers these horses labored along. It was also in these early years that many horses escaped, or were abandoned, thus starting the gene pool for all the wild horses roaming mountain and desert regions today. Hundreds of years later the descendants of these horses have become extremely wary of predator and men alike. They are muscular, smart and highly adapted to exact a living fro the harsh land where they can be found today. They are truly a remarkable animal; these true survivors.

"Wild West"

Product Number MC-7069

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